Discipleship Process


Discipleship Development Process

        As a congregation, SMNL endeavors to provide opportunities for those seeking to encounter God’s grace through worship, family/community fellowship, spiritual formation, stewardship, generosity, service and personal relationships. We accomplish this through a discipleship plan that equips persons for service in God’s kingdom. Our Discipleship Plan has four foundational pathways to discipleship: Encounter, Engage, Educate and Empower.
    • Encounter: Provide opportunities for those seeking God to encounter God’s grace through worship, community, spiritual formation, service and personal relationships.
    • Engage: Participate in the worship experience to engage the transformative love of God by committing to Jesus Christ, regularly attending worship service, biblical studies, praying, giving, generosity and serving others.
    • Educate: Exploring the means of grace to become more aware of the movement of God in ones’ individual, congregational, community, and everyday life. As well as practicing the means of grace and exercising the gifts and disciplines of God through the ministries of the church.
    • Empower: Practicing and living a lifestyle of daily worship that empowers others to accept Christ through an example of worship, service, tithing and discipleship.
Building H.O.P.E. is not only how we live out our vision and mission, but it is also how we develop and nurture disciples of Jesus Christ. Building HO.P.E. is a continual process by which we experience God’s grace
    • Hospitality is reaching out and receiving new people by proclaiming the gospel, seeking, welcoming and gathering people, both strangers and friends, into the body of Christ as equals.
    • Offering Christ is offering opportunities for people to make a commitment to Christ through baptism by water and the Spirit and profession of faith, to grow in personal holiness through a relationship with Christ and others.
    • Purpose is preparing and equipping people for Christ’s service by learning what it means to live out our beliefs through acts of piety and acts of mercy, sharing our faith and engaging in service.
    • Engagement is sending out grace-filled followers of Jesus Christ who put their faith into action. Through engagement we offer hospitality to the stranger, inviting him/ her into the fellowship within the body of Christ.

Discipleship Plan SMNL